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Metz Law firm is a family law attorney Charlotte, NC firm that also focuses on criminal defense cases and traffic law violations. As it is almost summer time and more people are letting their vehicle hoods down and coming out to play, we thought to remind you that some traffic myths, though common, are not true. If it happens that you are caught violating a traffic law including speeding tickets, seat belt violations, or others – contact Metz Law firm today.

Here are 5 top, common traffic myths to be aware of in North Carolina:

  1. Out of State Tickets Don’t Matter: sometimes they actually do. For instance, a traffic ticket that you get in another state could potentially follow you back home if the DMV belongs to certain drivers organizations.
  2. Tickets with Mistakes Don’t Matter: simple spelling mistakes will not prevent you from being taken to court. They do not protect you from having to avoid getting a lawyer.
  3. No Signature Means No Ticket: once you’ve been given a ticket, it still entered into the system – even if the officer somehow forgot to sign it. If you think not reminding them to do it is a freedom ticket, think again.
  4. Speeding is OK for Passing: if you zip around a slow driver at 15 miles over the posted speed limit sign and you think it’s OK, it is not. The posted speed limit is there for a reason.
  5. A Radar Can Make You Innocent: if your radar tells you there is no sheriff or officer on the road, and you are caught speeding by one – you are still guilty for speeding.

To learn more about traffic law, or to receive family law attorney Charlotte, NC assistance for other legal issues, contact Metz Law now.