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As a Family Law Attorney in Charlotte, NC and dealing with many families going through divorce, I get a lot of questions about child support. It’s a stressful and complicated time, so sometimes figuring all of this out can see daunted. With that in mind, I’ve created this breakdown to help you understand how to calculate Child Support and what it’s going to.


When we calculate basic child support, you can determine it using this handy worksheet and schedule of basic child support obligations.

It looks at combined monthly adjusted gross income amounts falling between the amounts shown in the chart on the last few pages of the document. The basic child supported obligation should be determined by averaging the two points. This chart also helps you calculate by the number of children that the two parents share joint legal responsibility for.

1. Basic Child Care

It takes money to keep your children fed, clothed and transported to the places they need to go. Based on your combined incomes, you will contribute a set amount to make sure the child gets that care. In addition that can pay for childcare while the custodial parent is at work or school. It’s important to keep you child fed and healthy.

2. Health Care

In addition, health care and necessary insurance are factored into child support payments. Payments that are made by a parent’s employer for health insurance and are not deducted from wages are not included. If the amount can’t be determined, when trying to figure out health insurance, the total cost of the premium is divided by the total number of persons covered by the policy. It is then multiplied by the number of covered children. Determining which parent can and will cover the child will be decided in any child support court proceeding. The worksheet speaks about this in depth.

3. Other Extraordinary Expenses

Of course, every child and family is different in terms of what support is needed. Examples of other expenses include

  • Special or private elementary or secondary schools to meet a child’s education needs
  • Transportation between parents homes

These may be added to basic child support obligations and can be ordered to be paid by parents depending on their respective incomes. This will be decided in whatever is the child’s best interest.

How to Proceed

Now that you know how child support breaks down, you’re ready to use the worksheet to help determine it. Here’s how the worksheets break down:

  • Worksheet A– when one parent has primary physical custody of all the children in question
  • Worksheet B– when the parents share custody of all the children in question or when one parent has primary physical custody of one or more of children and the parents share custody of another child.
  • Worksheet C– when primary physical custody of two or more children is split between the parents.

So go ahead, check out the worksheet and see what you can learn.

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