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The new year may be in full swing, but as a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC I know it doesn’t feel like a blank slate for everyone. However, a great way to start this year is by working towards expungement. According to the North Carolina Justice Center Organization, a criminal record is what prevents individuals from finding a job, affordable living, family support, and a number of other issues. If you need a law firm that is on your side, contact Metz Law to help you.  Though you might be thinking,

“What exactly is an expungement in the state of NC?”

Generally speaking, it’s  the “destruction of a criminal record by court order.” When granted, which is rare, it returns an individual to their status before they were accused of a crime. If there is a possibility of expunging your criminal record in Charlotte, NC, we would love to help you. We know that it could finally mean that you have a fresh start. To help out with that, here’s a guide to expungement to see if it could maybe be a solution for you.

Who Does This Apply To?

The short answer to this question is “a limited few.” In North Carolina there are three schools of records that could be expunged:

  1. A first-time, nonviolent offense committed more than 15 years ago
  2. A first-time offense committed under age 18/22
  3. A charge that was dismissed or disposed “not guilty”

What are Statutes?

To look more specifically at the statutes to see how they could help you, here’s a list for you to look at.

Want to Learn More?

Do you feel that you deserve to be expunged from your criminal record? Contact us for legal advice from a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC on expungement or any of our other practice areas. Keith Metz is a Charlotte, NC based attorney specializing in family law, criminal defense and traffic law. Our office serves the areas of Charlotte, Cabarrus County, Gaston County & Union County in North Carolina

Learn how expungement can change your 2017 today.