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As a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC, I’m aware how hard it can be to get information about attorney fees. In fact, according to the North Carolina State Bar, there are several rules and regulations in place to ensure that you and your family representative meet the client-lawyer regulations that are set in place to protect you. If you’re curious about obtaining your attorney fees in the state of North Carolina, don’t hesitate to consult with Keith Metz, your family law attorney in the greater area of Charlotte, NC. Here are some of our top 3 tips to help you find the attorney fees you need.

1. Know Your Rights

Before you get started trying to figure out what fees for the family law attorney you need in in Charlotte, NC, you should know your rights. All attorneys in the state of North Carolina

“shall not make an agreement for, charge, or collect an illegal or clearly excessive fee or charge…for expenses.”

There is a list of features set in place to determine what is considered “excessive.”

2. You Should Get Advice

No matter who you decide on, you need to make sure you get advised accordingly. All attorneys who have a dispute over fees for a legal service must also make reasonable efforts to advise their client. They must “participate in good faith in the fee dispute resolution process”

3. Understand What’s Under Consideration

Finally, it’s important to know what makes up a fee. All attorneys in the state of North Carolina must consider: Rate of Fee, Terms of Payment, Prohibited Contingent Fees, Division of Fee, and Disputes Over Fees, which each come with a sub-section of requirements.

Want to Learn More?

For a more detailed account of obtaining attorney fees in North Carolina, sit with Keith Metz – your family law attorney in Charlotte, NC. Our office serves the areas of Charlotte, Cabarrus County, Gaston County & Union County in North Carolina. Understanding your legal recourse is a right. Use contact us today to find out how the Metz Law Firm has your back.